Commercial Pest Control

Zero Pest Control specialises in the prevention and elimination of rodent and insect pests. We are always aware that each infestation is different and its solution will reflect the situation and requirements of our customers.

Rats and mice are the most common pests in Ireland and represent a significant threat to business & industry - particularly the food and catering sector. Insects such as flies, ants and even bedbugs are significant commercial pests. Ensure that your business doesn't fall foul with regulators and inspectors because of the existence or infestation of pests on your premises.

Our Pest Control Services for offices and businesses include:

  • Pest Elimination
  • Ongoing Integrated Pest Control, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Pest Prevention Advice
  • Flyscreens
  • Electric Fly Killers
  • Fumigations
  • Insecticidal Treatments
  • Insect Sampling & Identification

We are experienced in serving the following sectors:

  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Education

While our client list is diverse and drawn from various sectors, we will provide pest control services to any business. We are currently focussing on providing pest control to Cork, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Galway and Kerry.

We are delighted to open an office in Skibbereen, Co. Cork to help us better serve our office pest control clients in Cork and Kerry. In the meanwhile, our office in Killaloe is central to serving our clients in Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Galway.

We understand that pests can severely affect businesses. At Zero Pest Control, we always aim to provide urgent responses and ensure discretion. If you have any pest control problems please contact us or call us if you require urgent assistance.

Call us now: 076 603 1000/ 087 260 7349


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Latest News

May 2019:

Summer is here – nevertheless rodents still move into buildings for shelter and food at this time of year – if it’s available. Good proofing and environmental management help to minimize rodent problems – therefore baiting and trapping should only be used as a last resort.

We’re getting quite a few calls for ants recently – temperatures are rising. Flying insects are also a problem in Summer and we offer a range of solutions.

If you have any queries we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

For the moment please contact us on 087 260 7349 only – we’re changing our phone system.

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