Zero Pest Control's environmental policy is simple - we try to do the following:

  • Avoid toxins - Wherever possible we employ toxin-free solutions to pest problems. Where this is not feasible we minimise use of biocides.
  • Reduce materials and energy consumption - we do this by minimising use of materials including rodenticides and insecticides but also fuel in our vehicles by operating efficiently. Obviously this makes both economic and environmental sense. There are health benefits too.
  • Reuse materials if possible.
  • Recycle materials like cardboard and plastic. (Although we sometimes wonder where this stuff ends up! Should Ireland be exporting its waste?)
  • Avoid injury and harm to non-target & protected animals and plants. (We also do bat surveys and provide relevant advice to home-owners - .)
  • Ensure happy clients - you too are part of the environment!
  • We currently provide residential and commercial pest control services to Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry and Galway. Our offices are located in Killaloe and Skiberreen.

    If you have a pest emergency and require prompt and immediate pest control services, please call us using the numbers below, or contact us today.

Call us now: 076 603 1000/ 087 260 7349


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May 2019:

Summer is here – nevertheless rodents still move into buildings for shelter and food at this time of year – if it’s available. Good proofing and environmental management help to minimize rodent problems – therefore baiting and trapping should only be used as a last resort.

We’re getting quite a few calls for ants recently – temperatures are rising. Flying insects are also a problem in Summer and we offer a range of solutions.

If you have any queries we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

For the moment please contact us on 087 260 7349 only – we’re changing our phone system.

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